Hosted Payment Integration

This integration option leaves all the heavy lifting of code and security up to us while you host our payment page in a simple iframe on your site.

Hosted Payment Page features

  • Support your own design customization.
  • Customer can select a payment method from different options
  • Support for multi-language that the customer can choose while in the hosted page. Currently, we support 19 languages.

This type of integration requires PCI DSS level 1 certification as you will be handling sensitive credit card data. You will also have greater freedom on interaction with the payment gateway and thus lending you fine-grained control over the payment process.

Hosted Payment Integration

Direct Integration

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance.

API Interfaces

  • Authorize – Payment Authorization
  • Pre-Authorization & Capture – Reserve funds and Capture at a later time
  • Reversal – Cancel a deposit before it has been captured
  • Refund
  • Credit Fund Transfer (CFT)
  • Transaction Status Request – Diagnose the state of a transaction
  • Wire Transfer
  • Batch Payout Services

Access the full API documentation here:

Direct Integration

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