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Robust payment solutions for merchants in local currencies

powerpay21 allows its merchants to use a one-stop-shop solution to address all their payment needs globally. Whether it's payments online or over the phone, powerpay21 can provide a solution for every channel.

Online Payments

Process all your online payments through our secure payment gateway.

MOTO Payments

Using our securely hosted PCI DSS Level 1 payment servers, you can accept payments over the phone through the Virtual Terminal.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards can simplify the way you do business.

Merchant solutions

powerpay21 provides online and mobile merchants with the all-round payment package they need to grow their business globally. This includes multi-currency solutions, advanced risk and fraud management and fully customizable PCI-DSS Level 1 certified hosted payment pages. We provide a wealth of other tools and facilities to help you get the most from our solution and to help your business grow and remain secure.

Become a partner

Whether you are a Payment Service Provider, an Acquiring Bank or serve the online merchant community in any technical or service-related way, we are happy to discuss a potential partnership.


Diversify your product offering. A partnership with Powerpay21 can give you access to a range of products that offer a 360 degrees coverage when it comes to your clients' payment channel needs.

How does it work

Fill out a preliminary questionnaire in order for us to determine what type of partnership would be best-tailored for our mutual business goals and priorities. One of our partnership coordinators will be in touch with you shortly.

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What our customers say

At powerpay21 we strive for excellence in fulfilling our merchants payment processing needs. Here is what some of our customers have to say:

Tom Judson, Park Lane Jewelry


Our partnership with Powerpay21 has truly been invaluable over the years. Their team has worked so diligently in helping us diversify the range of payment options we offer, so that we can really respond to the needs of our global customers.

Dr. Stefan Sträussl, Bernstein Bank


Powerpay21 never seizes to surprise us with their commitment to customer satisfaction. They are always responsive, have a deep understanding in all aspects of payments and act as advisors in optimizing our payments strategy.

Avi Sela, eToro

Chief Operating Officer

Powercash21 has proven its commitment to long-term merchant relationships. Throughout the many years of our collaboration, the powercash21 team has maintained the same unrivalled standards in terms of customer service, responsiveness, system reliability and risk management support, which are essential for our business.

Sherif Ahmed, Multireisen

General Manager

We are truly excited to be working with Powercash21. Their deep understanding and experience in payments has helped us navigate through the intricacies we face as a business in the travel industry. We are truly impressed by their risk management solutions and their unparalleled service levels!

Premium Events LTD


We have teamed up with Powercash21 to more effectively manage the payment side of our online event ticketing system. With a very responsive operations and risk team, Powercash21 has been instrumental in protecting our business from lost revenues due to fraud. With timely payouts and easy refund processing, Powercash21 is truly a reliable payments partner.

Anca Gania, Xtrade

Head of Payments, Regional Branch Director

Throughout the past 6 years I’ve been working with Powercash21, I am proud to say that we managed to build a successful business relationship due to their commitment to always meet their Merchants’ expectations and their dedication to strive for excellence. They do not only listen to their Merchants, but come towards their needs by providing them high level of service, daily risk monitoring, up-to-date information about payment processing and competitive rates. Xtrade is pleased to be working with the Team and appreciates their outstanding support.

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